An image of Maple. She's an elf girl with light brown fluffy hair, pink eyes and pink horns. She's showing a peace sign.
hi! i'm maple, and i draw and make music sometimes! i also do game dev stuff, some of which you'll see here. this website currently only contains a blog, but i'll add more stuff to it as i go!

Latest posts

the perils of making a Minecraft modpack

back in late june, i was messing around in prism launcher, when an idea came into my mind; i wanted to make a Minecraft modpack, just to figure out the needs of modders and modpack makers for whatever future projects i had in mind. i did not realize at the time just how much work goes into doing so, and just how cursed minecraft gets. this is a warning tale. enjoy!


how i made a wiring system for Collective Creations

recently, an event callled Collective Creations was hosted on the Collective Unconscious server. the aim of the event was to fill out shallow or long unclaimed open connections, but it ended up being an event where various developers collaborated on some pretty ambitious and impressive worlds instead (and hey, those worlds did end up filling the free slots!).


Making the Kalimba, or how an Eidolon is made

In the June 19th dev build (which in turn was the hotfix for the June 17th dev build) two new Eidola were added - Climate and Kalimba - both of which i made the code for!


blog time!

the official lumiscosity blog is now live! it’s a little crude right now, but i’ll update it as i go.